Startup Poker

Startup Poker is a bi-weekly poker game to meet and connect with others in the startup realm. We are a group of founders, investors, startup employees, and creators from a variety of industries.

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    How does it work?

    The games run every other Thursday. For each game, everyone on the mailing list is sent a link to join on the Sunday prior at 6pm PT (9pm ET). If you want to play in that upcoming game, follow the link and register up to play ASAP. There are limited spots per game. The spots go quick so make sure to register right away.

    When do the games occur?

    The games occur every other Thursday at 6pm PT (9pm ET) and run for 2 hours.

    What happens if I can't make it?

    If you register for a game and you can't join, please let us know at at least 24 hours in advance. If you are a no-show, we will remove you from the mailing list. There are many people interested each week, so we don't want to waste spots.

    Where do you play?

    We play on Clubs Poker ( and have a Zoom going at the same time so we can also see each other and talk. The events are managed on Luma (

    Do you make money from this?
    No — we do not take a rake.

    Is this free to play?
    No — it is a cash game (no-limit texas hold'em). All cash for the game is distributed to players at the end. More details sent upon registration.

    Who is this for?

    Anyone looking to meet people and have some fun playing poker. We're not here to make money or to be an elitist boys club. This group is open to folks of all genders, all industries, and all walks of life.

    Who runs this?
    The games are run by @zlwaterfield and @NotZachDavidson.

    Logo by Stephen W. Piercey